School Writing for iPad
Great app ★★★★

by S Wade - Version 1.3 - Oct 17, 2012
United States

We created lists for my kindergartener's sight words and love that he can push the sound button and hear me say and sound out the word. The only thing missing is the accuracy feature for tracing. I would have given this app five stars if it had an accuracy feature.
demografix - (Stay tuned for the next update for the addition of accuracy tracings.)




United States

For a while now I have been waiting for an app that allowed me to create my own word lists and spelling activities. If there was a 6th star, I would give it to this app.

all thumbs up



United States

We have only been using this app in our classroom for a few days now after I spent the time to create our spelling lists and create our custom lessons. The students really get a buzz out of hearing my voice say the words and images that relate to them. I can see how I will be using this app in my classroom for many subjects as the tools available in the app will mean I can use it in many subject areas. I do appreciate that the rewards are left up to me as a teacher, as we have a star system that covers most tasks in my classroom. Great value for money when I consider how much I will use this app. I intend,

after testing my lessons that I have created, to send them to the demografix website for others to share.

fantastic app!



United States

My 6 yr old's been making good use of this for his writing. This has been the most useful educational app I've found so far for him!

Brilliant app ★★★★
by Karinadawn - Version 1.2 - Jul 3, 2012

Seriously one of the best apps I've discovered - has so much in it for only $4.49. You could easily incorporate this app into your handwriting program. I'm going to be sharing this app with all my teacher colleagues!

Must-Have for all schools




Brilliant App that is more than just a hand writing App. It can also be used in just about any curriculum area. Incredibly easy to make my own word lists with pictures and sounds. Can't wait to see what else this company comes up with.

Brilliant app




Seriously one of the best apps I've discovered - has so much in it for only $4.49. You could easily incorporate this app into your handwriting program. I'm going to be sharing this app with all my teacher colleagues!

A World of Possibilities




I have only been using this app for two weeks in my classroom but It has so many great customisable features that I am sure that I have only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as its possible applications in the classroom.

Being able to use the correct font is fantastic, as is being able to easily create my own word lists and even get an emailed copy of students' work once they have done.

The app is so simple to use that my Year 2 students only needed brief instructions and were able to use it independently from then. This app can be used not only for writing (as the name suggests) but also for spelling and sight words as well. A great Australian educational app. Keep them coming!

Very useful app



United Kingdom

I use this app at home with my 6 year old practising writing and use the 'add your own' function for his weekly spelling test words! I use it at work with adults with brain injury learning to write again.

The pre letter skills area is very good for this client group. Again writing in your own names and words and recording your own voice makes it all more personal and functional.

The annoying frequent crashing seems to have resolved with this update.

User friendliness varies as its not always clear which buttons to press or whether its recording you already. So not 100% slick but v good app!




United Kingdom

The app is very impressive, comprehensive, and heavily customizable.

I've found it to be a great tool for helping my child learn. I can only recommend it!

Great app



United Kingdom

My son's been using this to practice his writing. It's nice to see him enjoy it so much, doing it on the iPad. Great value!

Ghost Type

Great training


George Bray


I was looking for a typing tutor for my nephews who are aged 4-10, and they love it! You know, watching over each other as they play and learn, "it's my turn!". Well thought out app, and very customisable. Recommended.

Steve james


I love cool stuff!


TOP MARKS to the developers of this app!! For someone who writes alot of emails and reports but has struggled getting typing speed since migrating to the Ipad this has made a massive difference in only 45mins!! Its intuitive whilst doing the tutoring and the huge list of settings allows me to customise the app to suit me personally. The keys "ghosting" to trigger your memory is a very cool feature and there are a host of other nifty and inventive facets that give this app the leading edge against its peers. This app has covered all bases, and then some! Official school fonts is sure to be a huge hit with educators and parents. Rarely do you see an app that has full functionality from the initial purchase and i was very pleasantly surprised to see the extras that were included! This app is actually additive and having experienced instant improvements in my speed and accuracy I will be telling all my fellow ipad users and even show the "two finger warriors" the path to typing enlightenment!

Now I am typing faster



United States

A brilliant app and the ghosting keyboard certainly enhances the ability to learn where the keys are. I was also delighted that I could create my own lessons. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to improve their iPad typing skills.

School Fonts for iPhone

Great for the Classroom! ★★★★★

by iTeach: Apps for the Classroom - Version 1.2 - Sep 16, 2012

School Fonts is fantastic! I use it in my classroom all the time, and I am able to get individualised feedback on student progress. A bonus feature of School Fonts is the lessons area. It has lessons across all primary school grade levels :) Another really great feature of this app is the ability to change font types to match your own Australian state. Within the actual letter writing section, your student can use upper or lower case letters, and can write with a solid, dotted or outline of the letter. It includes positive feedback and an image of something starting with that letter. I recommend this app to primary school and special educators.

All state school fonts ... Fantastic !! ★★★★★

by Qld Prep Teacher - Version 1.2 - Aug 29, 2012

Awesome app. Great to see it includes words plus create my own word lists/sight words. An excellent educational tool for home use.

Brilliant ★★★★★

by Aunty_Vegemite - Version 1.2 - Aug 13, 2012

This is THE BEST iPhone handwriting App. Apart from all the lessons you get installed with the App, you can make your own. My kids love it. If you have an iPad, it is worth getting its big brother, School Writing, because there is an extra activity in there, but this one is fantastic on its own. You can put in spelling lists, sight word lists, topic/theme/subject word lists, and the kids love to use it. It works well with fingers, but you should try a stylus for some real handwriting practice.

Very useful writing app



United States

Giving a 5 star even though it keeps crashing on me! That's because it is the best cursive & manuscript teaching app (the choices and customization are outstanding) I've found! Expecting that an update will fix the crashing! (demografix : fixed the crashing in the last update)

Literacy for iPad
Excellent ★★★★★
by Qld Prep Teacher - Version 1.0 - Aug 29, 2012
Great educational app!

Brilliant app ★★★★★
by Andrew Gillman - Version 1.0 - Aug 28, 2012
As an owner of School Writing, I was keen to see what other quality apps this company would release. Literacy certainly does not disappoint. More customisation and a perfect solution to scrolling multiple traceable screens for sentences. Certainly an app Schools will need and an app that I will use at home with my children. Well done, demografix.


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