My Spelling Words
Articulation, Auditory Processing, Beginning Sounds, Comprehension, Fine Motor, First Words, Hand Writing, Letters, Numbers, Phonics,  Sight Words, Spelling, Tracing Skills, Vocabulary 


A fun spelling app using the students own handwriting as an input for checking their spelling. Use your xBox Gametag and include your profile photo as your xBox avatar.

A fun spelling app that uses handwriting for checking your spelling. Use your xBox Gametag and include your profile photo as your xBox avatar.

Aimed at Primary and Lower Secondary Schools, the app allows for you to create, export and share the lessons. The students respond to audio and an optional image, that you can import.

Students write the word and using handwriting recognition, the word is checked to get awarded a tick or a cross. Student handwritings and audio recordings, such as using the word in a sentence, are saved for parent or teacher review.

Multiple student profiles can be created and managed.

Default lessons include early Dolch and Mioow words and example lessons such as ‘Write the opposite’, ‘Name that Animal Sound’ which demonstrate the flexibility of the app.


  1. handwriting recognition

  2. xBox avatar for profile image

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My Spelling Words for Windows 8.1 Touch

8.1 advantages for My Spelling Words

  1. Integration of the xBox Avatars for profile images

  2. Use of the standard handwriting recognition tools from Microsoft

  3. Touchpad, Mouse, Touch and Pen (Stylus support)

  4. To create an engaging app that scales across devices, reaching more people from tablets, laptops, PC’s to PC TV’s

  5. A trusted Windows Store in 200 markets worldwide