School Fonts – Helps students learn their ABC, numbers, words and more.

School Fonts contains the education-approved handwriting fonts, including individual Cursive letters used in the United States of America schools – Zaner-Bloser and D'Nealian, UK , Australia and New Zealand.

Feature Highlights:

* For early to adult education

* Can be used for spelling lists, sight words and any other content you wish to create

* Customise all content including images, sounds and teacher example tracings

* Lock app to limit student customisation

* Automatically, by choice email the student's tracings and audio recordings as a webpage to the teacher or parent at the end of a completed lesson.

* Create and manage multiple profiles

Suitable for children to adults, School Fonts allows the teacher or parent to prepare word lessons using written instructions, unique images and audio instructions, to which the student can respond using written and audio recordings. School Fonts maximises the flexibility for a teacher or parent who wants to create his or her own content. For example, instructors can create words with missing letters together with unique images and user-created audio recordings that provide a rich learning environment. Unlimited activities can be created and customised to the individual levels of student learning needs. Activities include: spelling lists where the student writes the word and records audio of the spelling, Dolch sight words, circle the vowels, write the opposite and much more.

School Fonts features four activity areas including Words, Numbers, Lower Case and Upper Case. Each lesson features a large tracing area, on which the student can use their finger, or for penmanship instruction, a stylus, to trace the letters, numbers, or words. Also included with each lesson is the ability to play an audio recording of the lesson, the ability for the student or teacher to record their own audio instruction or response, a reset button, and three different tracing options: outlines with directional tracing arrow prompts, solid lines without arrow prompts, and dot representations.

Teacher tracing allows teachers to record their own example tracings for each letter and number, which replay when the student taps the Learn button. Teacher tracing offers the ability to record audio behind the tracing to replay for letter sounds or phonetics or as simple tracing instructions. This allows for regional variations of the letter sounds.

The Words activity section allows students to learn to read, write, say and spell pre-programmed teacher or parent created words. The Numbers activity section includes an image button with a picture of a number of items that correspond to the number being learned, which also can be customised. The Lowercase and Uppercase activity sections also feature the customisable photo and sound options.

Teachers can create, save and share their verbal and word lessons, profiles and customisations, with complete control over the management of the lessons, the app and student profiles. Full import and export functions are included for iPhone classrooms and the demografix website hosts several more free lessons that users can submit to and load from, as a free shared resource.

Teachers or parents can lock the app into a restricted student mode using a four digit PIN. In student mode, word lessons cannot be created or deleted and profiles cannot be changed. Other options are available such as hiding the homepage external links. Clearly designed with education in mind, School Fonts primarily relies on the teacher or parent to review the student's work and provide external recognition and reward for good work or effort, so the bells and whistles are kept to a minimum. The app also has internal encouragements that can be turned off via the settings.

In the Free version, numbers are complete, the first three letters in lowercase and uppercase are available and one words lesson is enabled.

Please note that Education Volume Purchasing discounts only applies on the main paid Number Lines app.

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