EduColouring for the iPad and a feature in School Writing.

EduColouring is a fun alphabet colouring book app designed to introduce the alphabet letters and letter sounds to early learners. Enjoy painting with fingers or a stylus while funny amusing sounds play. Learning can be fun.... :-)

- using the correct education font for Australia, featuring the NSW style, UK style for UK version and USA fonts and letter sounds for USA version.

- aids in the development of fine motor skills

- trace and free draw the letters and images

- upon opening each image the letter sound plays so the learner can listen to the letter sound

- Zoom in and out via normal pinch and zoom gesturers

- funny sounds that play while the learners draws. Sounds can be disabled globally, or per sound via the Settings

- select mute, brush colour and sizes, eraser option, save and export to just about everywhere including social media,  settings to control which sound files play or do not play

50% discount of 20 or more purchases via the Education Volume Discount scheme provided by Apple.
Also available in a UK and USA version with the correct fonts and letter sounds.

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