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School Writing
“is simply a unique, innovative and amazing learning app for kids. It allows kids to learn and develop handwriting, word recognition and spelling skills using all the interactive and educational features the iPad can bring. An absolute must have!.”

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School Writing (iPad)

School Fonts (iPhone)

School Writing
Number 1 Education App
in Australia, within the first week of release.
April, 2012

Over 75,000 school purchases of School Writing AU Version by end of 2020.


School Writing makes it into the Top 10 Best Apps for Handwriting Suggested by Occupational Therapists and Teachers.

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  1. are created by teachers for education

  2. encourage user created content and sharing

  3. are PIN lockable

  4. allow for multiple user profiles

  5. use the geo-specific education school fonts

  6. are for thinking, creating, learning and sharing.

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  1. School Writing used globally, in multiple languages.
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    This app is designed to help your little student learn how to write, using all education-approved handwriting fonts for each Australian State. It also offers the ability switch from writing shapes, numbers, letters and words.

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School Writing.
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User rating: 5 Recommended: Yes Highly Recommended.
School Writing is a must have app for every parent or clinician teaching older preschoolers to elementary students on how to write. From beginning learners to kids learning cursive, this app has it all. It covers a multitude of writing fonts that would fit into any curriculum, as well as comprehensive settings for customization for each user. Progressive lessons help kids gain skills needed for handwriting into manageable “chunks” and they are laid out in a logical sequence to ensure integration of the material. Both visual and auditory cues are provided and you are able to add your own voice recording. A really neat feature is being able to import lessons, photos, and make spelling lists that can be tailored to other areas of study. A child’s progress can be exported to email, dropbox or iTunes file sharing for parents and teachers to share. Support for using the app is above and beyond, and you can tell this developer believes and stands behind their work. They are very responsive and even have a website for help with the app. Highly Recommended.

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