Upgrade – 2.9
Lot’s new and improved and we have cleaned up a few bugs we found under some cupboards.

Technical enhancements such as iOS11, dropbox and other areas to make the app function better.

As requested by our happy app users, new enhancements such as …

• Function enhancements to ‘Teacher Tracing’ screen to enable ‘Replay’ to show the strokes of the teacher trace.

• Added a new Guideline as ‘Solid line under character’.

• Added a new feature to automatically create a ‘My name’ word lesson based on the active profile name.

• Updated Victoria teacher traces.

• Added all letter sounds for all the AU fonts ‘Learn’ function.

• Added a new large lowercase character option for infants in PrePrep and Prep. This will turn ‘Check tracing accuracy’ to Off when selected. You can turn the tracing accuracy back on and we recommend the ‘Infant’ selection.

• Added new options to customise and add the ‘incorrect trace’ sound.

The new large lowercase letters student traces allows you to replay the ‘student trace’ to see the strokes taken.

School Writing – Learn to write and more.

School Writing contains the education-approved handwriting fonts, including individual Cursive letters used in the United States of America schools – Zaner-Bloser and D'Nealian, UK , Australia and New Zealand.

Suitable for children to adults, School Writing allows the teacher to prepare lessons using written instructions, unique images and audio instructions, to which the student can respond using written and audio recordings. Students learn shapes, letters, numbers, words and more. This 'open scaffold' enables the lessons to be words, number or symbols and extends the use of School Writing far beyond early education. The ‘Whiteboard’ section allows a teacher to draw or import images to be traced with audio answers.

Students intuitively trace pre-handwriting shapes, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, words or whiteboard images that you import with the touch of a finger. Hear and see letters with associated images and sounds, which can be customised to relate to your students. Create your own pre-handwriting shapes and word lessons with associated audio for the letters, numbers and words. Add your own images from the photo library, and record your own letter phonetics. The completed lessons can be automatically emailed to the teacher with the student’s tracings and recordings included.

“One of the most powerful tools a teacher will find in an iPad app, utilising the technologies effectively and certainly a must have educational app.” Robert, QLD Teacher.

Designed with education in mind, School Writing relies on the ability of the teacher or parent to review the student's work and provide recognition and reward for good work or effort, so the ‘bells and whistles’ are kept to a minimum. This evaluation is assisted with features such as the ‘Reset’ button having a counter and traces that are not automatically erased after the app is closed and traces that can be 'replayed'.

Following extensive development, School Writing maximises the flexibility for a teacher or parent who wants to customise the content. You can create words with missing letters, unique images and unique audio recordings, providing a rich learning environment that can be adapted to your student’s progress. Unlimited activities can be created such as spelling lists, where the student can write the spelling and record the spelling, math problems, circle the vowels, write the opposite, dot to dot and mazes to name only a few. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination.

Teacher tracing allows you to record your own example tracings for each letter and number, which replay when the student taps the ‘Learn’ button. Teacher tracing offers the ability to record audio for letter sounds or tracing instructions. By default, the application has the teacher tracings animations built-in and allows for regional variations of the letter sounds.

Create, save and share your own word lessons, profiles and customisations to suit your own curriculum, with complete control over the management of the lessons, the app and student profiles. Full import and export functions are included for iPad classrooms.

A lockable app.

You can lock the app into a restricted student mode. In student mode, word lessons cannot be created or deleted and profiles cannot be changed. Other options are available depending on your choices. These include access to the settings and access to any external links.

School Writing allows you to:

• Customise all content including images, sounds and teacher example tracings.

• Create your own pre-handwriting shapes to trace or import images. For example, a sample lesson has some Chinese characters where the student can trace the character and record the sound and meaning of the character.

• Create and manage multiple profiles.

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